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Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting technology has the capability to transform where we work – nearly everywhere we go. As companies see the benefits of installing energy-efficient lighting, the savings possible today with a retrofit or re-design project are Significant. Immediate. And Impressive.

The improvements in lighting environment are as dramatic as the boost to your cash flow. While you're enjoying lower utility bills and reduced maintenance costs, your employees will see a brighter workplace, a more contemporary facility. Lighting Services is your one-call solution for any type of lighting installation. We incorporate all three elements needed for a complete solution — an understanding of the science of lighting, the financial and tax advantages, and the installation expertise. You run the business. We'll keep the lights on.


More than Energy Efficient Lighting:

For over a decade, our experienced lighting consultants and licensed electricians have created and installed powerful solutions for hundreds of sites.

  • Commercial Lighting for Offices
  • Distribution Centers and Warehouses
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitals
  • K-12 Schools
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Retail
  • State/Local Government

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