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Initial Meeting

Our goals during the initial meeting are to introduce Lighting Services, Inc. and perform a needs/opportunity assessment.

Assessment Items:

  • Outline and schedule the process from walk-through to the actual lighting installation
  • Identify the project development team
  • Decision making criteria
  • Establish financial requirements
  • Review financing options
  • Verify any utility rebate opportunities
  • Identify national facility opportunities
  • Obtain 12-24 months of utility bills for all locations

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Lighting System Survey

A facility-wide lighting system survey may be performed the same day as the initial meeting, or at a later date. Depending on the size and type of facility, one or more Lighting Services representatives may perform the audit. All areas in the facility will be inspected including interior and exterior fixtures. Below is some of the information we collect to make sure we design the new system correctly.

Complete room-by-room lighting survey:

  • Room ID #
  • Location Description
  • Fixture quantity and type
  • Record hours of operation by area
  • Establish areas which have too much or too little light
  • Evaluate existing aesthetic and/or light-level concerns
  • Evaluate opportunities for lighting controls
  • Review any existing maintenance problem areas

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Project Analysis and Design

We strive to design systems which will increase the quality of the workplace through improved lighting while reducing energy consumption, and maintenance requirements. Lighting Services does not manufacture fixtures or limit its fixture selection to one product line so we chose the best materials for the application.

Survey data is entered into customized software and then analysis and design are performed. Every project is customized to strike an appropriate balance between energy savings, light levels, and light quality throughout the facility. Many factors must be considered including existing conditions, tasks performed, payback criteria, as well as specific customer requests.

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Project Presentation

During the presentation, we methodically walk customers through all of the information contained in the proposal to aid the customer in making an informed decision. We encourage customers to ask questions at any time. Feedback is welcome and if revisions are necessary we’ll work hard to get them done quickly.

Proposal Contains:

  • Detailed recommendation analysis
  • Energy Savings
  • Maintenance Savings
  • Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency (Utility and EPAct 2005)
  • Energy Usage and Demand Savings
  • Environmental Impact
  • Executive Summary

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Construction Survey

Depending on the size and complexity of the proposed project, a second, construction-level lighting audit is performed by the sales person and planned project manager. The intent of this audit is to verify fixture counts, and identify any construction-related issues that will impact the cost of the project. Details about the lighting installation schedule are also discussed so we can work out a plan that eliminates or minimizes disruption to your core business.

If the project qualifies for a rebate, Lighting Services, Inc. will prepare and submit rebate applications on the customer's behalf and perform technical reviews of applications independently and/or in conjunction with utility representatives, as required. This helps confirm the amount of the rebate so a net project cost is solid.

Customer can evaluate light quality and fixture aesthetics by requesting a trial installation of the new energy efficient technology. This gives decision maker’s confidence in their investment.

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Pre Installation

Upon receipt of a signed contract or purchase order, materials are ordered. Once material shipment dates are known, the project manager schedules a pre-construction meeting. This meeting involves the facility manager and key maintenance staff so the installation can be planned.

The project manager will provide an overview of the facility-wide project, and then describe what will occur in each area. He will ask questions concerning times that each area can be entered, equipment sensitivities, and other matters specific to the project. Logistical concerns such as dumpster location, recycling and hazardous waste disposal are also discussed.

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Project Installation

As the project begins, the project manager will introduce the technicians who will be performing the installation to key facility personnel. The crew will have a project foreman that will communicate daily. The project manager will keep the client fully informed of progress and any issues that may arise. Project meetings are scheduled to fit the facility's needs.

All work performed by Lighting Services is performed professionally and in accordance with National and local electric codes. All work is done with according to acceptable safety standards and practices. 

Lighting Services takes all of the necessary steps to insure adequate protection of all work areas. All work areas are cleaned of any work related debris, and left in the same condition as found prior to any installation. 

All Lighting Services personnel comply with all security screening and site access requirements. All Lighting Services Personnel wear company photo identification at all times.

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Project Completion

Near the end of the lighting installation, a detailed walk-through of the facility is done to verify completion and if they exist, create a punch list of any as yet completed items. Once the punch list is complete, excess material, dumpsters, ballasts, and containers are removed from the site.

Disposal and Recycling is done in accordance with all environmental regulations by properly licensed firms and the customer is provided with all applicable documentation.

If measurement and verification of energy savings is required, it will be done now.

Post-lighting-installation inspections will be scheduled with utility representatives, as appropriate.

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Warranty and Maintenance

After project completion, Lighting Services prepares an Operations and Maintenance manual. This guide includes the updated and final line by line audit, cut sheets of all installed materials along with maintenance and warranty information.

A small stock of maintenance material is left at the site for warranty replacement. This typically includes one of every main ballast type and at least several of every main lamp type.

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