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How do I know if my building is a candidate for lighting improvements?
Unless your building was built or experienced major renovations during the last 10 years, your facility is probably a good candidate.   Old, inefficient lighting includes incandescent light bulbs, T12 fluorescent lamps (identified by their 1.5” diameter) or HID lighting (found in your warehouse or production areas.)  There are new technologies that will cut your energy use on lighting by 40-80%.  If your facility operates more than one shift, you'll save even more money.

My lights work fine.  Why should I change them?
Your lights may be working, but they are using too much energy.  Upgrading to new efficient technologies like T8, T5 or LED lighting will allow you to send less money to the utility company and keep that money to run your business.

See our “Do I really need an upgrade” page or read more about how current lighting technology can help reduce your energy and maintenance costs.

Can I get more light while using less electricity?
A new lighting system features components like T8 or T5 lamps matched with energy efficient electronic ballasts.  These new systems are more efficient, which means you get the same amount of light while using less energy. 

Will my lighting improve?
If your offices were designed in the ‘60s and ‘70s when most tasks were done on paper, your office may have too much light.  Due to the rapid depreciation of HID light sources, your production areas may not have enough light, lowering employee productivity and degrading quality control.  Our experienced lighting consultants will make sure each space in your facility has the correct amount of light.

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I'm not in Ohio; can LSI help me?
With over a decade of experience in the lighting retrofit business, Lighting Services, Inc. has done projects across the country.  We've helped many companies upgrade their entire building inventory and identified the biggest opportunities for energy savings along the way.  Our national customers appreciate the way we do business and trust Lighting Services, Inc. to do the job right every time.

What does turn-key mean?
A turn-key installation means Lighting Services, Inc. handles everything: design, project management, procurement, installation, recycling, disposal and rebate/incentive applications or certifications.  The entire process is handled by Lighting Services, Inc. so your employees can concentrate on their existing responsibilities.

Does LSI use subcontractors?
We use our own installers on the majority of our projects.  We occasionally use electrical/lighting subcontractors who we thoroughly vet and they work under the direct supervision of our project management team.  We stand behind all of our work whether it's done by our own technicians or a subcontractor's.


If we have LSI do a survey, what is required and how long does it take to get results?
One of our lighting consultants will come out to your facility and walk through the space, recording the data we need to properly design a new lighting system.  Based on the survey and discussions with our customers we identify opportunities for energy savings.  The data from the survey is entered into a program that performs the energy, maintenance and financial calculations behind the recommendations we make. 

We then present a report with all of this information so that management can make an informed decision about an investment in energy efficient lighting.  See our page devoted to the entire retrofit process for more information.

Will this interfere with my daily business?
Our project management and installation teams take great care to work around your core operations. We'll work any shift or day of the week when you aren't operating, and our crews are used to working around 24/7 operations as well.  If there's only a small window during a line or plant shut-down, we'll staff the project to get it done quickly.  Through planning, scheduling and communication we make the installation process painless for your employees. 

Can't I install the equipment using my own employees?
Your maintenance personnel are capable of installing new ballast and lamps into existing fixtures, but their time is probably better spent keeping your machinery running.  Our installers specialize in lighting retrofits, so the project will be done much quicker than with in house labor.  The money you save by installing the equipment yourself may be lost from delaying your energy savings.

Is it better to replace fixtures or retrofit ballast and lamps?
It depends on the situation.  Each space may be different depending on its use and the age and type of existing fixtures.  A simple lamp and ballast change-out may be cheaper to install, but opportunities for significant savings through a redesign may be worth the higher up front investment. 


How do you calculate my savings?
The math to calculate the energy savings from upgrading your lighting is fairly simple and straightforward.  We compare the input wattage and operating hours of your existing system to new fixtures or components.  The input wattage information comes from ANSI or field measurements, and we estimate operating hours based on conversations with facility personnel or use data loggers to measure the actual usage.

We explain these calculations in depth during our presentation of our recommendations and welcome customer input to help us tweak the stipulations we make to increase the accuracy of our calculations.

What about tax incentives, grants or rebates available to offset the cost of my project?
Many states have passed legislation mandating utilities cut the energy use of their customer base.  The utility companies offer various incentives to their customer base to upgrade the energy efficiency of their operations.  These same states often directly award grants to companies for energy projects as well.

Since we've done projects across the country, we are familiar with the various types of rebate programs and can help with state grants as well.  Lighting Services, Inc. will apply for any available rebate and grant programs include the EPAct 2005 accelerated tax deduction.

Does it make sense to upgrade my lighting if I lease my building rather than own it?
No matter how many years you have left on your lease, you should take a serious look at upgrading the lighting in your space.  The vast majority of projects pay for themselves in less than 2 years before any incentives are factored in.  This means you'll receive significant operating savings during the remaining life of the lease.  Many landlords will even pay for a portion of the project to help retain your company as a tenant.

Our budget for this year is already in place;  can the lighting upgrade be financed?
Lighting Services, Inc. will arrange for third party financing at competitive rates.  Our partners will work to create a package that fits your needs.  Financing can be an attractive option even if you have money available as the energy savings are usually more than your payments.

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