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Lighting Services provides turn-key design and installation services for a variety of industrial, institutional, retail and commercial customers. Because every installation is unique, we listen carefully to ensure every solution we create is tailored to that site.

LSI provides total program management of lighting systems at your facilities nationwide, even submitting paperwork to local utilities so you qualify for any available rebate programs or helping with state grant applications. LSI also provides the certification required to take the EPAct tax deduction.

Complete Control of Your Project

Our lighting consultants take a strategic approach to lighting that considers long-term benefits and life cycle costs. They use in-house photometric software to help model the customer's facility and make adjustments according to IES recommended practices. Once on site, our experienced project management team and installers make sure the lighting consultants' design is executed correctly. We maintain control of the entire process to complete the job, including handling all the recycling of removed materials and processing all certification paperwork for tax deductions and rebates.

Only the Right Technology for Your Site

Because we work with multiple brand name manufacturers and technologies, we apply the best technology for your application.

A Passion for Environmental Conservation

At Lighting Services we are committed to saving you the most money while finding new methods to protect our planet. In addition to installing lamps that use less energy and are manufactured with low mercury content, we use recycling and metal scrapping to minimize the waste reaching landfills.

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